Article 2022
The wind with the red hair | Dada action for a peaceful alignment of the world


  Article 2022
Landscape as a space of experience and natural forces in the mirror of Wolfgang Nestler’s sculpture |
Joachim Heusinger von Waldegg


  Article 2021
Bauhaus-Lehre dekonstruktivistisch – Otto Freundlich, Wolfgang Nestler und die Werdeform |
Joachim Heusinger von Waldegg 


  Press Release 2020
Exhibition Wolfgang Nestler: The Material of their Materials.
Homage to Sophie Taeuber-Arp
A poetic visualization by Wolfgang Nestler


  Press Release 2019
Exhibition Wolfgang Nestler: Piloting in Windy Times. 
A sculptural field that stimulates


  Newspaper article 2019
Completely Floating: The ZKM-Exhibition “Negative Space”


  Newspaper article 2018
Wolfgang Nestler. Pioneer of Interactive Art


  Newspaper article 2009
Exhibition Wolfgang Nestler: Sophie’s Islands.
Dance and Dreams in Sophie’s Pictorial Assembly.
Performance during the current exhibition at the Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte


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